Hello, my name is Auric Avatar

I am 67 years old and was forced into retirement when I was 62 due to a reduction in staff at a local community college where I was a maintenance man. My wife and I live on my social security which is about $1,500 per month and a small pension from the junior college of $225 a month. I have a savings account of $5,000 as a rainy-day fund. My 65 year old wife is in poor health and her social security benefits are about $900 a month because she was a homemaker and mother of our three children, 1 boy and two girls. We now have six grandchildren ranging from 3 years to 14 years of age.

I spent three years in the Army so I am entitled to Veteran’s Affairs (VA) benefits. This gives me doctors’ visits at no cost and low-cost prescription medications. Our combined income of $31,500 cannot exceed about $38,000 or I will have to pay for my doctor visits. I tried getting several part-time jobs but because of the economic recession, I cannot find anything and the wife is too ill to work.

I enjoy fishing and used to hunt when I was younger. I enjoy watching all sports on the TV and spend time on a small computer e-mailing the kids and surfing the net. We sometimes babysit the grandchildren or have them over for burgers from the grill and some other picnic food. I really enjoy playing with them but it was difficult and got to nearly impossible.

Heck, I was so out of physical condition that sometimes I had difficulty getting up from my easy chair. Worse, I could not lift the youngsters and found it hard to play with them. Even then, I got tired really fast. I was about 35 pounds overweight, had a protruding belly, and getting it on with the wife is rather infrequent. I had not been seen in a swim suit in years because I was ashamed of my big belly, the shadow I cast, and the flab hanging off of me.

My doctor and wife would keep telling me to lose weight but the diets I tried didn’t really work.I would lose a few pounds and then put them back on along with a few more when I got tired of half-starving myself. I tried a couple of the fat reducing pills and they didn’t work either. I was really ashamed and very frustrated with myself.

I cannot afford an expensive gym membership or money to pay for a personal trainer. I knew I needed some way to drop a bit of weight and to regain some strength but just didn’t know how to do it.

Then, someone told me about GoldenGeezers.com, a group of elder gentlemen like myself who are experiencing the challenges of growing old. I got their basic exercise program of easy to follow body-weight exercises. Yes, I had a hard time at the start and couldn’t put more than two pushups together. I stayed with it and can now do 45 of them. I’m shooting for 50.

Some of the other leg exercises proved to be really challenging but, at my wife’s insistence, I hung in through the minor aches and pains. Leg drills are a piece of cake now. The super tough things to do were the core exercises, some of which I thought I would die doing. But I persisted and my bay window is more like a port hole now. All my friends are envious and ask me how I did it.

I want to lose another 10 pounds and will continue eating the healthy meals that I know I should. Now, I really look forward to doing 15-20 minutes a day exercising in the privacy of my home and miss that time when something else prevents me from doing them. I also try to walk for at least a half-hour daily and have met a lot of nice folks on my different routes. My wife is happier and my doctor is pleased with my progress and the results of my periodic blood tests.

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